A downloadable Multi Race Driving for Windows

Multi Race Driving is an open source general and customized platform for 2.5D racing games developed in C++ from scratch using the SFML library.


This is an open source customizable platform that has integrated several amateur modes inspired by some of the most popular video games of the 80s such as Super Hang On, Out Run, Pole Position or Chase HQ. Besides it has a multiplayer online mode.

Outstanding features

This new the following features with respect to the original versions:

  • Multiple game modes for one player.
  • Multiplayer online mode.
  • Different types of vehicles available, customizabled and with many colors.
  • Realistic and spectacular graphics in 2.5D.
  • Realistic physics (speed, braking, collision, inertia).
  • Customizable menus (fonts, colors, images, texts).
  • Compatible with many screen resolutions.
  • Graphics available in HD and in pixel art. quality.
  • Fantastic soundtracks and SFX fully customizable.
  • Various difficulty levels.
  • Numerous types of artificial intelligence integrated.
  • Configuration of the controllers customizable.
  • Completely new scenarios available and customizable.


These are the default controllers of the game, but the player can change them whenever he wants:

  • Acceleration: Left Control.
  • Braking: Left Alt.
  • Turning left: Left arrow of the cursor.
  • Turning right: Right arrow of the cursor.
  • Select an option: Enter.
  • Exit the game during the navigation in the interface, pause the game while the player is driving: ESC.
  • Change the soundtrack during the race: Z.


In order to understand how to configure Multi Race Driving , please check the following link:  https://github.com/ZgzInfinity/Multi-Race-Driving/wiki/Configuration-of-Multi-Ra...


This game is compatible with Windows by default. Additionaly, it can be also compatible with Linux and Mac using Wine 5.0.


The following link shows the source code of the project. 



This project has been entirely programmed by Rubén Rodríguez.


© Copyright
Multi Race Driving™ 2020 Infinity Games.
Published by © Infinity Games. Developed by ZgzInfinity.
This platform is under the protection of the GNU Gneral Public v3 License.


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