A downloadable Out-Run for PC for Windows


This is an open source Out Run remake project. This new version. This new version has been inspired by its earlier versions, which correspond to the 1986 arcade machine version and the 1991 Sega Mega Drive version.

Outstanding features

This new the following features with respect to the original versions:

  • Realistic and spectacular graphics in 3D.
  • Compatible with many screen resolutions.
  • Fantastic soundtracks and SFX fully customizable.
  • Various difficulty levels.
  • Numerous types of artificial intelligence integrated.
  • Configuration of the controllers customizable.
  • Completely new maps available.


These are the default controllers of the game, but the player can change them whenever he wants:

  • Acceleration: Left Control.
  • Braking: Left Alt.
  • Turning left: left arrow of the cursor.
  • Turning right: right arrow of the cursor.
  • Select an option: enter.
  • exit the game during the navigation in the interface, pause the game while the player is driving: esc.


This game is also compatible with Linux and Mac using Wine 5.0.


The following link shows the source code of the project. 



This version of Out Run has been programmed by the following developers:

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Tags3d-graphics, Arcade, ferrari, out-run, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro

Install instructions

In order to execute the game. You only have to download the zip file and extract its  content in your PC. Then, go to the directory where the game has been stored and  make double click in the .exe file. The game will start automatically.


OutRun.zip 62 MB


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Background graphics on my machine are all broken.

It looks a bit strange because we have tested in many computers and all of them it worked correctly. You have to know that the game only works on windows with 64-byte architecture and in Mac and Linux using Wine. The architecture of the system could be the problem or perhaps the OpenGL version installed in your computer.

My OS is a 64-bit one. How to find out the installed OpenGL version ? Wouldn´t a check in the game be a good idea?

Well, you will probably have an app installed in your computer to control the graphic card on your computer. Find that program or you can try to install OpenGL Extensions Viewer. It is an app that i know.  Check the opengl version in C++ could be an idea to solve these kind of problems. Concretly,  I use the OpenGL version.

A promising start, but needs work. Most notably the course selection at the end of each section. Also the ripped car sprites need to be reworked to be of equal resolution to the scenery. This could be come quite polished and I like the new levels. The car handles well and the acceleration and braking  are smooth. The game sometimes freezes for 5 to 10 seconds while driving. 3 out of 5. I would consider this 3rd best or the outruns (Arcade / Mame being number 1, sega Mega drive version being 2, and this being 3. Its fair to say, that it is better than the Amiga and Atari ST versions.

Thank you for your objective evaluations and criticisms. It's always nice to have people appreciate your work. We will try to improve those aspects you comment on.

any chance of saving the settings in a configuration

It sounds interesting. Just for curiosity, in which settings were you thinking about when you posted the comment? We are interested in your ideas. By the way, I'm sorry I answered so late.

never mind, found it by selecting left from the lowest resolution

Any chance of a full screen option?

Any chance of split screen multiplayer?

My partner and I have contemplated that possibility. But, first of all we decided to publish this first version to see how was accepted by the community. In future versions, multiplayer mode probably will be available.